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Don't just accept the flu this winter

Germs that cause illnesses can survive on surfaces around the home. They can survive on surfaces or objects that you touch, cough or sneeze on. Cleaning and disinfecting the home is an essential part of home hygiene. Discover how Dettol can help.

What is the flu?

What is the flu?

The “flu” is short for influenza, a virus that causes upper respiratory infections and can be spread from person to person. The flu can occur each year, usually by different seasonal strains. In general, one person with the flu transmits the virus to 1 to 4 people. Symptoms may include fever, fatigue, headache, sore throat and cough. While the symptoms typically resolve within a week or two in most people, the flu can persist or cause more serious illness in some people.

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How the flu spreads

How the flu spreads

Influenza viruses can be released into the air when an infectious person coughs or sneezes. These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby. They can also be left behind on objects and surfaces they come in contact with around the home, and also when those air droplets from a cough or sneeze finally land. Being so microscopic, flu viruses cannot be seen by the naked eye, so it’s hard to tell where they could be hanging around in the home. Touching a door handle, light switch or bench top and then touching your eyes, nose or mouth can be all it takes to transfer flu viruses from the home to you.

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