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Social Impact

We believe nobody should feel powerless in protecting who and what they love. That is why delivering quality and trusted hygiene products is at the core of everything we do. We understand that good hygiene is essential for a good life.

Our fight: to make good hygiene a reality that everyone can achieve 

Our vision is to create a healthier world built on the foundation of good hygiene. Our fight is to make good hygiene a reality that everyone can achieve. This is why we’ve been striving to deliver quality antibacterial products and mass hygiene education. 

Helping millions of families globally

We take great pride in the knowledge that Dettol is deeply ingrained in millions of families around the world for good hygiene. All the way from the great-grandparents to the newborns, our hygiene solutions help protect the ones we love.


Harnessing the Power of Protectors

We believe it’s important to empower & equip people with the right hygiene knowledge to break the chain of infection. This is why we make sure to: 

  • Educate individuals such as children, new mothers, front-line workers, community leaders and more on the importance of hygiene through our programmes. For example, globally we’ve reached over 8 million new mothers and millions of children and teens through our school programmes with our hygiene education.
  • Partner with Government and public authorities (national and local) to play a pivotal role on policy & planning, infrastructure building and monitoring & enforcement. Primary focusing on schools, health care centres. 
  • Academia/Medical & Educators: driving research and scientific understanding around hygiene issues build credibility and authority. Learning centres to teach hygiene and healthcare settings where risk is high.
  • Media: we drive hygiene and health education via TV communication, social media, print media.

We work with a variety of charities and NGOs around the globe to get health education into the homes of many underprivileged families - it’s these individual micro-interventions that cause long lasting global change. Dettol is the ever-present protector that will continue to keep those around you from harm. 

Project Access Funds (UK)

We are also committed to helping when people need it the most and often that’s when a disaster strikes. For example, as part of our parent company Reckitt, we’ve mobilised £40 million as part of our RB Fight for Access Fund to address our collective fight against the spread of Covid-19. Our immediate focus is to address the stress faced by our consumers and communities where we operate, to break the chain of infection.

Children’s Emergency Fund (Global)

Dettol, and our parent company Reckitt, partners with Save The Children globally, to provide support to children in times of disaster worldwide. In 2007, the Children’s Emergency Fund (CEF) was established to provide a rapid on-the-ground response to any disaster.

Our brands have a critical role to play in promoting hygiene and health in the fight against the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Laxman NarasimhanRB’s Global CEO

Disaster Relief Efforts (Global)

Where disaster strikes, Dettol responds with donations of free products and sometimes monetary donations to disaster relief efforts. Examples of this include Thyphoon Haiyan in The Philippines and the tornado that hit the US in 2013.

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