Caring for People at Home

Looking after those who are vulnerable

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There are many reasons why people become vulnerable to germs. The elderly and very young babies are obvious examples, but it’s also very important to keep your home hygienically clean to help prevent the spread of germs.

If someone is in your care, make sure you give him or her the best chance of staying as healthy and as comfortable as possible.


Caring for the elderly at home

There are many reasons why elderly people can become unable to look after their hygiene properly. They might be physically incapable of getting in and out of the bath.

If you have an elderly relative living with you, it can be difficult to discuss personal hygiene issues with them. How can you go about maintaining a healthy routine, without making them (or you) feel uncomfortable?

Put yourself in their shoes. If you understand how your relative feels about their personal hygiene and what their limitations are, it will be easier to come to a compromise about routines and levels of care.

Incontinence can cause feelings of shame or embarrassment for your elderly relative, as well as for you. But it’s important to change underwear regularly and have sanitary protection. Keep the area clean and dry in order to avoid unpleasant odours.

  • If someone is unable to care for themselves, make sure you wash their face, bottom and genitals every day and they shower or bath at least twice a week
  • Help or encourage them to brush their teeth twice a day